Managing project logistics isn’t easy. Accommodating lead times, organizing printing specs, making shipping arrangements—coordinating all those details can be time-consuming. And when unexpected changes mean making adjustments, you need a team of helpful problem-solvers on your side. Luckily, Fischer Paper Products is here to help. We go out of our way to deliver solutions for our customers, as well as shipments.


Our goal is to deliver product to our customers as efficiently as possible. That’s why we start collaborating early in the quote or product development stage, to make sure our team understands where product needs to be, when it needs to be there, and how best to get it there.

Stock Lead Times and Minimums

  • For shipments of our stock products, minimum orders for prepaid freight are 1000# to distributors east of the Rockies and 2000# to distributors west of the Rockies and to South Florida.
  • While Fischer selects from its preferred standard less-than-trailerload (LTL) carriers, we try to accommodate customers who have special needs and respect requests for special carriers.
  • Customer pick ups (CPUs) are available at our Waukegan warehouse.
  • Drop shipments are available direct to users or in small amounts as fill-in. Fischer will ship one full case of product at minimum, with freight to destination prepaid and added to the invoice.
  • In many areas of the country, if distributors cannot meet the minimum weights for prepaid shipments, our product is available through redistribution. We’d be happy to connect you to the resources you need.
  • Stock orders ship within 48 to 72 hours from receipt of purchase order.

Branded and Custom Product

  • Branded and custom product can ship alone, with companion items, or with stock orders.
  • Special orders are typically quoted as “Full Freight Allowed” to destination with shipping costs included.

Shipments and Special Requests

  • Drop shipments or split shipments to end users can be made upon request.
  • Special requests for inside delivery, trucks with a lift gate, and “sort-and-segregate” can be built into our delivered cost if specified up front, or billed separately.

Floorstocking Programs

In order to meet a need for immediately-available branded or customized product, or for lead times shorter than our 6-week standard, Fischer is able to offer contracts for:

  • Less-common widths, kinds, and volumes of raw materials held on our floor for quick order turnaround.
  • Finished goods for our quick service, fast casual, convenience store and food manufacturer customers with multiple distribution centers or a need for just-in-time fulfillment.

Inventory Updates and Reporting

For customers who manage inventories for limited time offers or unexpected spikes in production, Fischer provides simple, customized reports that track available contracted raw materials, levels of finished products and/or work in progress.