Food Safety


You have a strong food safety partner in Fischer. Because we’ve always believed food safety is a shared responsibility that requires all members of an organization’s supply chain to do their part – including us. We know our packaging plays an important role in your ability to serve foods at their peak—whether that means protecting a perfectly moist brownie or wrapping a sub in a fresh, clean basket liner free of contaminates and printed with food-safe inks. That’s why we have stringent food safety and quality control systems in place, to ensure our facilities and materials, as well as the finished products you receive, do no harm.


As of May 2017, and re-certified again in March 2021, Fischer is also compliant with the standards for the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  This is a critical step forward for Fischer as we continuously improve to satisfy the needs of our Food Manufacturer, Restaurant, and Convenience Store customers in the area of food safety.


Fischer Paper Products is committed to upholding the highest food safety standards. That’s why we:

  • Operate facilities according to local, state and FDA food safety regulations
  • Follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Submit to an annual third-party food safety audit
  • Require annual updates from vendors with respect to food safety regulations and requirements
  • Provide annual updates regarding our regulatory compliance, through letters of guarantee
  • Maintain a HACCP-based food safety program as the foundation of our prerequisite food safety practices:
    • Glass and Brittle Plastic Program
    • Pest Control
    • Housekeeping and Sanitation
    • Chemical Control
    • Traceability and Recall Procedures
    • Shipping and Receiving Trailer Inspection Program
    • Supplier Approval Program
    • Conduct third-party audits


Fischer’s Safe Quality Food Institute certificate: GFSI Certification 2021-2022