A Sneak Peek Inside Fischer’s New Headquarters

Fischer Paper Products broke ground last Fall on a new headquarters to bring our entire team back together under one roof. Planning for the 163,000 square foot facility started back in 2017 and proceeded to development stage in Winter of 2019.  The building plans include space to add new equipment for a line of handle carryout bags, to which a future blog post will be devoted. You can read more about the origins and planning for our new facility, with the partnership of architects at Partners In Design and constructors at CG Schmidt, in this post. Fischer is on track to move in August of 2020.


We want to give you a sneak peek into Fischer’s new headquarters from some of the original design sketches. You can see from the picture above what the building will look like from the entrance off of Gregory Drive. The monochromatic color scheme includes elements of our Fischer red added to provide pops of color. The front half of the building where the offices and conference rooms are located will feature top-to-bottom glass walls, so employees have plenty of natural light to work in.

The picture above is of the lobby entrance, featuring modern industrial design with open glass walls overlooking the surrounding fields. In addition, the exposed white brick wall by the reception area gives a contemporary rustic touch to the overall industrial look. The glass walls and continuous brick walls to the interior offer a unique perspective from every angle.

The neutral color palette from the exterior continues into the interior of the building with the Fischer red as a focal element.

The second story balcony is located near an open loft that overlooks the main level and will provide beautiful vistas of the countryside. It will be THE spot to watch sun set!


While the design and other elements will be striking, many functional elements have been added that will make it a better space and place to work.  Since the planning team included Fischer employees from all parts of the business, their opinions and requests were considered and will be included in the finished product. While there is 75,000 square feet of warehouse space and 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space, there is also 25,000 square feet of office space. The new facility will have a fully equipped break room where all employees can mingle during breaks, new locker rooms, increased storage space, open concept offices, conference rooms with modern amenities and IT upgrades, and an elevator to the mezzanine level. New safety features such as keyless entry are being added. Since Fischer managers were involved in the planning of the building, they have included elements to serve every department’s needs. It was important to us that the entire Fischer team would have improvements to make their jobs easier when we transition to the new headquarters.


The move into the new building will take a coordinated effort from the entire Fischer team, but we couldn’t be more excited to make the move. We are actively seeking new team members in many areas of the business, including Operators for the new bag machines for our handle bag line and many others.  If you are looking for employment, and would like the opportunity to work at a growing company like Fischer Paper, please refer to the  Employment Opportunities page to view some of our open positions.


***All design renderings are properties of Partners In Design and subject to copyright.