Importance of Food Packaging

What can Proper Food Packaging do for you?

Foodservice packaging is more than just a means of taking food from point A (the chef) to point B (hungry mouths). It provides multiple functions, from keeping tables and people’s hands clean to helping grow brand recognition. Some of the main goals of food packaging include:

  1. Messaging to Consumers
  2. Convenience
  3. Maintaining Food Quality

Custom food packaging allows operators a chance to increase visibility of their brand. Whether there’s a seasonal offer available, a new company logo to show off, or a standard greeting to display, customized packaging helps draw more attention to your business. In addition to the branding opportunity, a package can also relay relevant information such as ingredients, nutritional content, allergens, and cooking instructions (depending on the situation) to the consumer. It serves as a direct line of communication to the end user.


Another important role of packaging is to provide convenience to consumers. Too many times, you see someone spilling condiments, or worse, the whole sandwich, on the ground because they do not have the proper packaging. Not only does that spill cost money to clean up, it also means that food went to waste. According to the EPA, the commercial foodservice industry spent $100 billion on food waste in 2014. By limiting the amount of food that goes to waste, companies can save millions by making simple changes. Providing the convenient, functional package allows users to have a better dining experience, and increases the chance they’ll be back again!


Since the very beginning, maintaining food quality has been important to the survival of humanity. It’s evolved from solving problems such as how to make meat last weeks after a hunt, to how to make food last in a ten-minute delivery car. If done properly, food packaging protects against contaminants and extends the shelf-life of products by keeping them fresh.


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