To Protect Your Supply Chain, Get a Partner in Food Safety.

Thinking about food safety? Then you’re probably thinking about the way foods and their ingredients are produced and processed. At least, that’s what you focus on if you’re a consumer. But industry insiders know there’s much more to food safety than that.

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    is an SQF Level 2 rating that Fischer is proud of - and makes us GFSI certified!    
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    Fischer relationships have lasted for more than 20 years.



Food safety has never been a fixed goal.

It’s a constantly evolving standard—and a set of increasingly exacting practices—that affects a food manufacturer’s entire supply chain, from farm and processing plant to store shelves and, ultimately, to our tables. And quality food packaging that protects your customers and your business from harmful and costly safety failures is a vital link in that chain.


Fischer Paper Products has been helping major food manufacturers, restaurant chains and convenience stores deliver reliably fresh, safe and satisfying foods to hungry customers all over America for more than 45 years. In fact, nearly 90% of our products are made for the food service industry. Usually, that kind of expertise is its own guarantee. But starting in May 2017, we can offer our clients an even stronger one. Fischer has successfully achieved Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) Level 2 certification, earning a 96% score and an Excellent rating during a rigorous audit of our facilities and procedures. This success means Fischer is fully compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.


At Fischer, we believe food safety is a shared responsibility. And GFSI benchmarking helps us protect the integrity of your supply chain—and your brand. Our partners can get to work, knowing Fischer meets the highest internationally-recognized standards, and that the quality of our products is matched by the thoroughness of our safety measures.


Such third-party certification is a simple way to prove our commitment, not just to training, quality control and risk management, but to a culture of continuous improvement. And to taking care of the little things that matter most. It’s what we do best.


It’s why we offer a variety of safe and and sustainable materials that meet FDA requirements for direct and indirect food contact. Why you can count on printing inks that won’t migrate to your products and substrates specifically designed to handle tough conditions, from grease and moisture to heat lamps. And why we work closely with every partner to construct custom packaging that solves problems, drives sales and always delivers products at their peak.


Learn more about our commitment to food safety today, and talk to a representative about how Fischer can help protect the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.



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