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Want to learn more about Fischer’s custom, branded and stock paper products? Our team is here to help. They’ll guide you step-by-step through our straightforward quote process to make sure you get the right solution—in the right size, quantity and material—for your needs. Simply contact a Fischer sales representative to get started.


To streamline your quote experience, consider these frequently asked questions:


Am I eligible for a quote?

Fischer Paper can sell only to entities that are licensed for tax-exempt purchases for resale only. Qualifying entities include distributors, limited service restaurants, convenience stores and food manufacturers.


How do I determine a quantity?

To determine the quantity of product you’d like quote, first estimate how much product you’ll use over the next 12 months. Next, consider your inventory storage capacity and ordering patterns. Do you have the space and budget? Our team can help you determine the right quantity for your needs, and integrate our standard lead times into your ordering schedule.


Fischer’s minimum order requirements and average production lead times are a good place to start your order planning process.


Average Production & Shipping Lead Times

Stock/catalog product and floor stocked specials: ship in 48 to 72 hours

Branded and custom product: produce 8-10 weeks after final artwork is approved


How do I outline product dimensions?

When describing a product’s dimensions, remember that width measures the bag from side to side. Side gusset measurements indicate how deep a bag is from top to bottom, when the gusset is fully extended. And length is measured from the bottom of the bag to the bottom of the bag’s lip.


  • For gusseted bags, specify Width x Gusset x Length.
  • For bags without a gusset, note Width x Length.
  • For bags with a poly film panel, first define the width of the panel. Then indicate the location of the panel on the bag’s face (e.g., centered, offset, or straddling the bag’s edge and gusset).


Considering a uniquely-sized bag? Generally speaking, a branded version of a stock-size bag or wrap will be a more economical choice than a custom-sized product.


How do I indicate materials choices?

With so many high-performance materials to choose from, you may need the help of a Fischer sales support specialist to understand all your options. Begin by assessing your product performance needs and brand standards. Concerns like heat and moisture, stain resistance, storage or handling conditions and product presentation should all be fully considered.
Once you’ve determined your product goals and requirements, remember to include material specifics, including paper type, coatings, foil or poly lining, and basis weight. Specs for poly film products should include the polymer type and film gauge.


What, if any, printing specs are needed?

Fischer customizable products make it easy to add your logo and/or graphics to high-quality paper bags, wraps and more. While detailed information is required to create production-ready printing specifications, you may use the following general printing guidelines to determine the initial details of your printed paper product:


Printing Capabilities

Bags: Spot color printing, up to 4 colors

Wraps: Spot color printing, up to 4 colors; Four-color process printing, conventional (lpi) or stochastic (microns)

Napkin bands: Spot color printing, up to 4 colors; Four-color process printing, conventional (lpi) or stochastic (microns)


*Print coverage is estimated in increments of 10%.