Rely on three generations of Fischer pinch-bottom expertise to deliver the specialty packaging solutions you need—from customized bags and wraps that add branding, maximize promotional space and increase customer satisfaction to unique solutions specifically designed to extend shelf life and edge out the competition.


Whether you’re looking to improve performance or launch a brand new product, our packaging customization process streamlines every step—from quote through testing and production—so your products make it to market sooner. And perform as promised.


Determine your needs.

Process Image Step 1 Determine your needs

Customizing or creating the right paper packaging solution begins with an assessment of your product’s unique needs. Will it be hot or cold? Perfectly dry, oily or moist? Can it be prepped and stored, or will each item be made to order? Next, consider each touch-point between your stock room and your customer. How will your product be presented? How long will customers handle your bag or wrap? Goals like stain resistance and heat retention, branding or promotions will make a big difference in your final design.


Talk to a Fischer consultant.

Process Image Step 2 Talk to a Fischer consultant

Once you’ve pinpointed your performance needs, it’s time to speak with an experienced Fischer service specialist. They’ll take you step-by-step through our customization process, answer any questions and ask a few of their own. Next, we’ll create a packaging proposal that includes product details, inventory needs and logistics, from pallet configurations to a rough product development schedule.


Thanks to our knowledgeable team, the typical quote takes just a few days to create, and rush services are usually available upon request.


Select and test samples.

Process Image Step 3 Select and test samples

With an approved quote in hand, we’ll start pulling materials and product samples that closely match your needs. Handmade prototypes will let you see and feel our materials and print quality first-hand. We’ll even deliver a short-run of your custom packaging for market testing, with your purchase order.


Fischer’s packaging experts will be at your side throughout the testing process, offering solid advice and fast design adjustments until we achieve the high-performance results you need.


Prep for production.

Process Image Step 4 Prep for production

On the heels of market testing success comes production prep. We’ll develop finalized specs for your packaging, and work closely with your company’s design team to bring your packaging to life. Fischer will provide the custom dielines and Pantone ink draw downs they’ll need to create your custom artwork, along with any pre-press insights particular to your chosen materials.


An inkjet proof of your bag or wrap, featuring your team’s logo or design, is the last step in our pre-production process. Once it is approved, we’ll set your production schedule and start the presses.


Optimize your delivery.

Process Image Step 5 Optimize your delivery

While most custom runs take about six weeks, rush services are available. Our service and operations teams work together to keep orders error free and moving forward, willing to coordinate your press run with a tour of our plant. And, of course, they work tirelessly to ensure you receive your custom packaging on the date we promised. They’re the reason 98.6% of Fischer orders arrive on time or earlier.


Once your packaging’s ready, we’ll ship approved samples to your buyers and quality assurance teams. Calculating transit lead times and shipping to multiple locations are no problem, either. And expect Fischer service professionals to follow up after your first delivery. We’ll want to make sure your product arrived as expected and performs as promised. We’ll also confirm your inventory management plans, and make adjustments as needed.