At Fischer, materials matter. From recycled and sustainable-sourced papers to problem-solving finishes in every basis weight and film gauge you need—Fischer helps companies put function first. All of our papers and finishes meet the highest food and safety standards, including FDA requirements for direct and indirect food contact. And our packaging products are designed to work—to solve problems, withstand tough conditions, satisfy customers and help businesses reach their sales objectives.


Choosing the right materials to accomplish those goals isn’t easy. Trust Fischer’s production experts to help you select the right construction materials for any challenge, environment or need. Contact a Fischer sales representative to get started.

Natural Kraft

A simple, uncoated feel makes this paper a good choice for sustainable brands.



Contains high levels of recycled content

A light brown, unbleached look

Moderate water resistance



In basis weights from 25# to 40# (subject to mill minimums)

Available in 40% post-consumer waste (PCW) content to meet local ordinances


Bleached Kraft

Printed graphics stand out on this paper’s strong, bright white surface.



Offers high elasticity and tear strength

Produced in a chlorine-free bleaching process

Use where strength and whiteness is important



In basis weights from 25# to 40# (subject to mill minimums)


Grease-Resistant Kraft

Get stain resistance and moisture control with a natural feel.



Resistant to oils and grease



In basis weights from 18# to 40# (subject to mill minimums)

Bleached or natural kraft finishes

Available with wet strength (subject to mill minimums)

Choose from varying levels of grease resistance for reducing grease penetration and staining



A translucent, glossy paper that delivers premium grease resistance and allows moisture to evaporate.



A premium look and feel

Chemical free grease and oil resistance

A smooth appearance with a uniform fiber formation

Moisture vapor release



Bleached (translucent)

White (opaque) option also available

Foil Laminates

An ideal choice for maintaining hot and cold temperatures over time.



Excellent heat or cold retention

Provides grease protection

Helps foods retain moisture



In 25# and 35# Kraft base sheet with a .00025 foil lamination (subject to mill minimums)

Bags can be converted with foil side in or foil side out


PET-Laminated Paper

Strong, durable protection for moisture, grease and more.



Prevents product sticking

Provides excellent heat and moisture retention

Protects against grease and staining


Absolute Quilted Paper

An environmentally-friendly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) alternative for heavy-duty heat and serve



Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)/Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified

Microwaveable with superior heat retention

A non-stick surface that protects against grease and moisture

Excellent printability



In bleached and natural finishes

Choose from lightweight and heavyweight options

High Performance Dry Wax

A moisture-proof surface for chips, fries, tacos, wings and more, it’s our most versatile sheet.



A smooth, lightweight option

Provides a smooth surface for print graphics



In 15# and 18# basis weights

For sandwich wraps and basket liners only


Ultra Performance Dry Wax

The heavy-duty choice for sandwich wraps and greasy appetizers.



A durable, thicker liner

A smooth, printable surface



In 18# and 21# basis weights

For sandwich wraps and basket liners only


Grease Resistant

An attractive, sustainable alternative to wax paper



A strong and flexible finish

A natural look and feel



In 18# basis weight

For sandwich wraps only

PET Film

A strong, clear film that makes showcasing products easy.



A durable, tear-resistant material

Suited for hot and cold environments

Resists moisture and most chemicals



Polylactic Acid (PLA) Film

Similar for PET film, this glossy option is environmentally responsible, too.



Clear, glossy and tough

Produced from renewable resources (e.g., corn)

Recyclable, compostable & biodegradable

Moisture and grease resistant