Wrap Your Products in Success with Branded & Custom Packaging

You’ve spent months and who knows how many dollars perfecting your latest product. You’ve invested in great ingredients, tweaked and retweaked the portion sizes, found a way to strike the perfect balance between pleasing freshness and profitable shelf-life. You’ve sweated over every detail to make this new item a successful crowd-pleaser. But you may never reach those mouths if you don’t catch their eyes first.


What you need now is a custom packaging solution designed to promote your brand, protect your goods and stand out on the shelf.

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The rise of unboxing videos isn’t a fluke. Your product’s quality story starts with unique, branded packaging.


We can help you make it memorable.


Before the First Bite

There’s a reason why your Instagram feed is brimming with #foodpics, and a search for “unboxing” videos on YouTube yields more than 54.7M results. Every day, bloggers, foodies, and even our own family and friends are sharing in our cultural obsession with great presentation. Enjoying our food starts with the first click, not the first bite. And evaluating the value of every purchase begins with the package it comes in.


Packaging is the first thing people notice about your product, and it gives customers an immediate sense of the item’s quality. The right packaging can tell shoppers if they’re in for a luxurious experience or a casual treat. It can also shape the experience: if french fries in a bag say “grab and go,” frites in a basket suggest you sit down, slow down and enjoy.


Building anticipation and delivering the brand experience your customer is looking for? That’s marketing gold, and it starts with your packaging.


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From Across the Room

Branded and custom packaging pays for itself the moment it nudges your customer’s memory. Think about that iconic Coca-Cola glass bottle, that unmistakable tube of Pringles chips, or the rush someone feels when they spot that small, square box in Tiffany’s signature robin’s egg blue. They’re all powerful packaging moments that any business can create with a little effort.


Why accept plain brown paper when you could be building the kind of brand recognition and loyalty that sells product from the other side of the grocery aisle, convenience store or food court? Unique, stand-out packaging aims a spotlight at your goods that never turns off. It’s the key to launching new product, differentiating yourself from the competition, and ensuring repeat business. And it doesn’t have to be hard to do.

Focus on the Little Things

It’s simple, really. When your product packaging feels valuable, your customers feel valued. That doesn’t mean adding complexity. Creating “wow” moments don’t have to involve layers and layers of bags, wraps, ribbons and boxes. It means making specific, useful and memorable choices that enhance the customer experience—whether that’s designing a custom bag that doesn’t stain or leak, or adding fun custom graphics to a wrap that get revealed as the packaging unfolds.


The care you put into your packaging should match the care your put into your products. It’s all about the little things; like making a package that’s not too big or too little. A wrap that prevents stains and keeps food moist. Or a bag that holds in the heat. And at Fischer, taking care of the little things for our clients is what we do best. We make it easy to add value to your paper packaging with custom printing, innovative materials and construction, and smart bundling solutions designed specifically for the food service industry.


Visit https://fischerpaperproducts.com/branded-custom-packaging to learn how to add a custom, cost-effective punch to your paper bags, liners, wraps and more. After all, you only get one first impression. Make it a profitable one.



“It is a pleasure working with Fischer Paper.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  They have made numerous custom printed items for several of our accounts, all of which came out awesome.  I look forward to working with them for many years to come.  Thank you all for all of your help over the years.”

Mary Harrigan
Customer Service, Strategic Packaging, Inc.