Test Kitchen Investment Generates Solutions and Innovation

Major 2018 Investment

At the beginning of 2018, Fischer Paper Products invested in equipment for an on-site test kitchen to improve our capabilities for testing food packaging performance. After a few months of planning, research, and design, we selected and installed the machines which include an impingement oven, toaster oven, enclosed and open warming units, and a deep fryer.


Together, the equipment makes up a modern setting that is similar to what major c-stores, and many other food service establishments use. The new machinery not only allows the Fischer team to replicate what our customers do, but also gives us an opportunity to test new packaging concepts.


Part of being a good partner is anticipating problems that your clients might have before they happen. In our kitchen, Fischer can identify potential issues with the packaging, so it can be corrected before being delivered and put into use. In February, when a food manufacturer required changes to the glue structure on a corn dog bag, the team was able to test variations ahead of time which ultimately decreased the amount of time it took to make the proper changes. To simulate the customer’s conditions, some bags were kept in the freezer prior to trial while others were put in warming units. Fischer was able to respond quickly with specific recommendations about what packaging would work best based on the simulated environment.


New product development and ideation are a big reason Fischer continues to grow. Being able to assess materials and follow up with recommendations quickly is important for continuous improvement of flexible packaging. Based on what the team learns from test kitchen experiments in the future, we can educate our clients and foster a more efficient and smarter relationship.