Bill Fischer

Few know the heart and soul of Fischer Paper Products better than Bill Fischer. Since 1997, Bill has risen through the ranks—from Customer Service to Sales and Marketing. This experience has given him a unique perspective of the business, one that informs his approach to leadership as the current VP of Marketing & Service. “It’s not a traditional title, but it’s one that speaks to Fischer’s brand promise and our commitment to serving our customers with excellence.”


Bill measures Fischer’s success by the positive impact the company has on people’s jobs and lives. This is not only true for Fischer Paper employees (some of whom he’s known for as long as 30 years), but also for Fischer Paper’s partners and customers. According to Bill, “we all succeed together, and getting there is the fun part.” After earning his BA from the University of Chicago and his MA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bill has dedicated his entire career to Fischer Paper Products.