Barbie Hernandez

At Fischer Paper, we have many success stories of team members who began their careers in one part of the company and then took their skills to another.  Barbie started working on the production floor in our Operations department back in 2011.  She learned about our products and our customers as first a Packer and then a Quality Assurance Assistant.  But she wanted to take her job to the next level.  She applied for and won the job of Receptionist in 2017 and hasn’t looked back.


Barbie is now a Customer Service Specialist who handles special orders for branded and custom products.  Because of Barbie’s unique experience here, she works closely with the Operations department to help make sure that every order is done right and exceeds customer expectations.  As a native Spanish speaker, Barbie also has a close bond with the Fischer Operations team members and Fischer Paper customers who speak Spanish as their first language.

“I like to make our customers happy,” Barbie says.  “Making sure a customer gets their order on time, when we promised it, is harder than ever right now because of transportation challenges.  In my job, I can help make sure it gets there when they need it!”