Is Your Restaurant Equipped for Efficiency?

Your silverware wrapping days may be over. A national restaurant chain recently compared hand-wrapping and banding silverware using Fischer Paper Product’s silverware bags. The result? Using silverware bags was 40% faster.

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Roll, wrap and stack. Roll, wrap and stack. It’s a humdrum pattern most people working in restaurants and food service will recognize: the tedious task of wrapping piles of silverware in napkins before the day’s guests arrive. But wrapping silverware sets isn’t just dull. Or thankless. It’s a needless health risk and a waste of potential profits.


A recent study by a national chain compared two tasks: hand-wrapping and banding silverware sets and using Fischer Paper Product’s top-of-the-line silverware bags. The result? Using silverware bags was 40% faster. Forty percent! Efficiency like that can mean less employee time spent prepping for customers and more time spent serving them—making every hour your servers clock a little more profitable for you.


Silverware bags can also help you make the most of even the smallest customer touch-point—changing the way you package and present your silverware from missed opportunity to marketing win.


Brand storytelling, customer appreciation, product cross-promotions—with custom printing, your silverware bags are the ultimate efficient and effective advertising tactic. Your customers will appreciate the environmentally-friendly materials you choose. And thanks to Fischer’s famously fast turnarounds, you can even churn out seasonal editions, coupon bags and packaging for special events.



Of course, efficiency isn’t the only reason to make the kraft silverware bag switch. The best restaurants take care with every surface that comes into contact with their food. Our silverware bags are sustainably made to help your restaurant maintain the highest food safety standards. After all, the less your freshly sanitized knives, spoons, chopsticks and sporks are handled, the cleaner they’ll stay.


At Fischer, we believe taking care of the little things can make the biggest difference. Want to make sure your restaurant chain is equipped to keep up? Start small with Fischer’s effortlessly efficient kraft silverware bags today, or talk to a representative to find out what Fischer can do for you.