Statement on PFAS Chemicals


To: Fischer Paper’s Customers and Product Users

Date: September 28, 2022


Re: Fischer eliminating all materials with intentionally added PFAS chemicals by end of 2022


We are excited to announce that Fischer Paper is on track to achieve our goal of eliminating the use of all grease resistant papers that contain intentionally-added PFAS chemicals by the end of this year.  Many of our stock, branded, and custom items have already been produced using the new grease-resistant papers.  We will continue to feature a “No PFAS Added” symbol on the label or carton of these products.  The transition to these more environmentally-friendly papers will be communicated back to you with your order confirmations.




We are pleased that paper mills are moving away from – and most have already stopped using – these so-called “forever chemicals” ahead of or in compliance with the introduction of local, state, and federal laws prohibiting their use.  This is good for the environment and for consumers.


We now need to re-set our expectations about grease-resistant papers.  The new bio-based grease-resistant treatments work differently than the old PFAS chemical treatments.  The new treatments break down in the environment and perform differently, providing grease resistance and not a greaseproof barrier.  Depending on how the packaging is used, some spot staining may occur, which should be expected.  We are encouraging our customers to explain to users of the “no added PFAS” products that performance will vary based on the food going in the package, the method of preparation, and length of storage time.  The days of PFAS chemicals providing a barrier that is resistant to all grease staining are over.  We see this as a sign of progress, and we are encouraging our paper suppliers to continue to improve and develop safe treatments that prevent grease strikethrough while minimizing staining.


Thank you for your continued support as we work to provide you – our customers – and consumers with the new grease-resistant paper packaging.  We are proud that we will soon be a facility that converts only environmentally-friendly papers that do not contain intentionally-added PFAS chemicals.




William C. Fischer

Director of Business Development


cc: Josh Fischer, President & Owner; John Ulrich, Director of Sales & Marketing


Download our statement here: Fischer Paper Products – Statement on Elimination of PFAS Chemicals

Learn more about PFAS Chemicals: Food and Drug Administration Statement on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)