Grabbing the Grab-n-Go Generation

Millennials are shaping the future of food in today’s convenience stores. Is your packaging innovative enough to capture and keep their interest?

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Healthier options and higher-quality foods have lured young eaters away from the drive-thru—but that doesn’t mean Millennials have given up on quick and easy meals. Instead of cooking at home, they’re spending more money on eating more meals away from home than any previous generation. So, where are young people finding fresh and convenient food? Convenience stores, of course.


Today’s 18 to 34 year olds are more likely to head to a convenience store for something to eat than any other age group. Retail stores have captured more than 13% of “restaurant” meals, and traffic in convenience stores has outpaced restaurants for the last four years. Naturally, many innovative convenience stores are capitalizing on the trend, upping their game with a diverse mix of products, fresh foods and grab-n-go options.


Convenience Store bag samples


The opportunities are huge. But in such a competitive environment, how can your convenience store differentiate your products and build both Millennial loyalty and market share? With custom and branded packaging that delivers on the food experiences young consumers want most.


Grab-n-go customers are ready and waiting for packaging innovation. A full 90% of retail meals are eaten outside the store—that’s a lot of carry-out bags, wraps and more. But 35% of carry-out customers think grab-n-go packaging is headed in the wrong direction—and at least 93% feel somewhat dissatisfied by the packaging their food arrives in. Talk about room for improvement.


At Fischer, we see smart convenience store brands closing the gap with investments in custom construction and high-performance materials. Customers want fresh foods, protection from stains and leaks, and easy-to-use (and reuse) packaging—and they recognize when companies pay attention to the details. Packaging that solves your customers’ problems is a sure way to win loyalty and encourage repeat business.


But that’s not the only way to innovate. Bold, branded carry-out packaging is also helping convenience stores build brand recognition among Millennial customers, which just makes sense for a generation that views every meal as a potential experience worth Instagramming. Fischer’s custom packaging team helps convenience store products stand out on the shelf (and in social feeds), implementing on-trend and on-brand designs for our clients that reflect the lifestyle and interests of their most profitable grab-n-go customers.


Millennials’ hunger for rich experiences and memorable meals is shaking things up for convenience stores. Make sure your brand is ready. Talk to a Fischer representative today.