Sweet solution keeps desserts fresh.

The Challenge

A major limited-service restaurant (LSR) chain decided to place cookies and other desserts near the checkout to capture those last-minute sweet tooth sales. They came to Fischer looking for a point-of-sale treat bag that fulfilled three criteria.


First, the bag needed to provide a longer shelf life than the average grease resistant paper bag, so the desserts could last throughout the day without losing their flavor and texture. Second, the packaging needed to very clearly display what type of treat was in the bag—making it easy for customers to grab and go. And finally, the bag needed to reflect the restaurant’s specific brand standards, specifically using natural kraft paper in keeping with their look.


A tall order, but Fischer was up to the challenge.


The Solution

The final dessert bag delivered on all of those points—and more. Fischer developed a natural kraft dessert bag with a PET lamination, which provides the barrier needed to keep foods fresher longer and perfectly matches the brand look and feel. A sticker closure means the bag can be used for multiple items, and a PET window panel allows customers to quickly see what’s inside.


And because the PET material is heat resistant, the LSR chain is able to load warm, freshly baked products into the package and keep them on warming shelves until ready to serve. It’s a handy added benefit—and just one more reason our restaurant partner considers their dessert program a success.