Keeping Hot Sandwiches Fresher, Longer


Cumberland Farms, a convenience store chain based in the Northeastern US with locations in Florida, recently introduced hot sandwiches to their grab-and-go menu. To improve perception, Cumberland needed a bag that could perform up to their high standards for food taste and quality. Fischer was presented with an important challenge: create a bag that can retain heat, release moisture, and be sealed or left open, so that operators could conform to the food holding standards of their region of operation.



To ensure the sandwiches would remain warm for some time after they were prepared and stay fresh, the team suggested a foil lining on the inside of the bag, which helps maintain heat in addition to making the bags easier to fold over and seal. Also, in order to ensure the sandwich would not get soggy from steam accumulation, perforations were made in the gussets. After some trial and error with the size and number of perforations, the right balance was found so that the bag retains heat, but moisture can escape. After the success of the hot sandwich bag, Fischer has helped solve many different packaging challenges for Cumberland and is proud of the longstanding relationship between the two family businesses!