Just in time for a grand opening

The Challenge

Mercado Little Spain by Chef José Andrés was to have its grand opening in New York in a month’s time. Fischer Paper was contacted by one of our industry partners about this opportunity to run two sizes of sleeves for Mercado Little Spain. As much as this was a great chance for us and our partner, the time constraint was going to be a challenge.With an average 6-8 week lead time and busy production schedule, were we able to get the finished goods to New York in less than a month?


The Solution

In spirit of partnership and to help an end-customer meet their deadline, Fischer got together to find a solution. The Operations and Planning teams were able to find a slot in the machine schedule to run the sleeves in 10 days which meant the process had to start right away. With everyone’s help, the Fischer team was able to process the order, lay out the artwork, get customer approval, order the printing plates and start producing the products in 11 days. Thanks to great teamwork, interdepartmental collaboration and passion to help our partner and end-customer, the two sleeves made it halfway across the country just in time for the grand opening of Mercado Little Spain.