Creating non-stick ideas that stick.

The Challenge

Several large convenience stores were finding that certain hand-held foods, like breaded items, were sticking to the inside of traditional grease-resistant paper bags while in their warmers. So they approached one of Fischer’s customers, a large food manufacturer, for a solution. That customer turned to Fischer.


The assignment was to create a package that featured the benefits of the current grease-resistant paper bag (a compact and cost-effective design that was easy to load, easy to hold and easy to eat from)—while eliminating the “stick factor.” In addition, the large food manufacturer wanted to make sure the product could be bundled in cases to sell to convenience stores as a package deal.


The Solution

Fischer helped the client develop a PET-laminated bleached kraft bag that effectively resists grease, allowing for longer hold time in warmers without sticking. In addition, Fischer bundled the packages in counts of 48, allowing the manufacturer to co-pack them with the frozen food.


The convenience stores were pleased. Not only did the new packaging meet or exceed all of their criteria, but the co-packed package and food bundle proved to be very convenient.