Baking up a customized solution.

The Challenge

Chabaso Bakery wanted to make their bagged breads more visible for retail sale. Often stored on their sides and on shelves, their delicious, unique breads were tough to identify and didn’t provide a lot of visual appeal. So, the growing bakery came to us with a challenge: How do we make it easier for everyone on both sides of the counter to see the fantastic bread hidden inside the bag?



The Solution

Fischer’s support team got to work, first selecting a stock bag featuring a clear poly panel down the front. After testing, the team decided they could find a better solution—one that showed customers more of the bread, especially if stored on a shelf.


With crowded bakery shelves in mind, Chabaso Bakery selected a brown kraft paper with a panel-in-gusset (PING) window design from a number of available custom options: white or natural kraft, grease resistant papers, and poly panel materials that can resist heat or are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.


The end product? A hard-working bakery bag featuring clear window panels on the front, as well as the side. The custom PING window design presents the product beautifully, allowing customers to easily see the available breads and helping cashiers quickly identify the product at the point of sale.

“When I was new to the print industry, Fischer’s team really helped me understand the world of printing Kraft bags. Everyone is a pleasure to work with!”

Leah Walker
Operations & Corporate Account Manager, IPS